jueves, 19 de abril de 2012

Tired of giving the same old tie to dad and the same old flowers, or bath set to mom? Is your sister tired of receiving Justin Bieber posters, and your brother wanting something more than just xbox games? Well, ArtisanBooth.com is here to help. Not only do we have a very wide variety of gifts, but we also have lots of unique gifts available. Some examples include candles, flasks, guitar straps, journals, luggage tags, pipes, stamps, and tobacco pouches.

Candles make great unique gifts because we offer so many unique scents, like pine, leather, beer, honeysuckle, mightnight dreams, and other such scents that you don't often see. Many of our artisans can even make custom scents for you, in bulk or sold individually. It's always a great surprise to get a new scent for your home or a friend's home. Soon we will also be offering other home scents, such as plug-ins.

Flasks also make wonderful gifts because they can so easily be personalized. A popular occasion to give a flask is a wedding, for either the bride or the groom. Many choose to have their friends' newly joined initials monogrammed onto the base. Lots of feminine and girly flasks are also available, such as ones with plaid, polka dots, and more. They also make great funny gifts, to give to the teetotaler, or otherwise staid friend. Party animals will also love these unique gifts. (See here:  http://artisanbooth.com/gifts/english/gift-ideas/83-flasks )

A journal is also a very special gift to give to a friend, because the receiver quite literally will customize it themselves. We have many handmade journals, with smooth velum pages that a pen will just glide across. Because of the prevalence of typing today, the art of writing may be becoming lost, as recent literature may imply. But these wonderful journals will help to ease the mind and restore this lost form.

And the final unique gift that I will talk about today is stamps, not postal stamps, but the kind of stamp that you would perhaps most associate with a lawyer or a bank. It's great for the professional, young or old, who will be happy to make his mark (no pun intended) on the world.

You can even talk to one of our representatives if you are having trouble picking a gift out for your loved one.